ad astra per aspera

this is not about a relationship

sweetheart, i saw something today
that made me think of you,
that made me think
maybe she had a point."
which hurts, because i spent so long
convincing myself you were wrong,
that you could never be right
(because if you were,
what chance did i have?--
because if you were,
i would be, too)--
and here i am, looking at
a damn good supporting argument for your thesis.

thank you for not giving up,
even when i called you stupid,
even when i ghosted you,
even when i wanted you gone forever.
thank you for letting me prove you wrong,
thank you for letting me prove you right.
maybe you did have a point,
but you were missing a few steps
in the procedure.
don't worry,
i got that cleaned up for you!
so there's not much left for it
but to give it another go,

hope this email finds you well,
--your truest and most faithful